85015201 Crochet Polo Neck Sweater - Medium Green

$145.00 CAD

Immerse yourself in luxury and sophistication with the VAN-DOS Polo Neck Sweater. This long-sleeved garment wraps you in an elegant crochet structure, creating a distinctive style that captures the essence of modern fashion. The sleeves are highlighted with an exquisite ribbed detail at the cuff, adding a touch of texture and refinement to your look.Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this sweater is not only an expression of elegance, but also a statement of quality. The polero collar adds a touch of class, keeping you warm in style during the cooler days. Discover the perfect fusion between craftsmanship and fashion with the VAN-DOS long-sleeved polo neck sweater, a piece that will elevate your presence with each use. Add distinction to your wardrobe and experience the effortless luxury of the brand that celebrates timeless beauty.

55% Acrylic 45% Cotton

Item: 85015201 - Medium Green 112

Size: S
Size: S